The Sakura Princess

The Sakura Princess

By Ysabel 06112024

Once every year in Tokyo, people will come and go to the pink flower kingdom and admire the princesses of the Sakura Queen Elise. Elise wanted to show off her four daughters in front of all the villages to make other rulers envious. And sometimes people from other villages offer the princesses gifts of honor like Sakura petals or anything that is special for any princesses’ birthday. One day the older princess Anne was turning 16 and when it was gift time a poor girl offered the princess a single rusty silver coin then the queen snapped and said “HOW DARE YOU! Why did you give my precious and pretty daughter that ugly old. Oh! I get it it’s because you’re poor that’s what you say every year when one of my daughters gets older.” Anne was shocked to find out this was her mother’s behavior when this girl gave her sisters rusty silver coins and this is why they looked worrisome after their birthdays it is because their mother scolded the girl and burned the coins the girl gave to her sisters in the furnace and then Anne said, “That is not right mother, that is not what a true queen would do!” “No! I shall not have a filthy girl give rusty coins to you or your sisters!” Then the head ruler of Tokyo said “You know my position is higher than you Elise I am removing your title as queen and Anne shall be given your crown. Guards take her away!” Then the guards grabbed the Elise by the arms and Elise Exclaimed “YOU SHALL PAY FOR THIS ANNE I SWEAR I WILL GET REVENGE!” And no more was heard from the evil queen. Then suddenly all the Sakura trees in the kingdom blossomed again and it turned out the flowers never bloomed because of the queen’s selfishness and thanks to Anne they bloom again once more.


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